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The largest energy loss in most buildings is air leakage, the air moving in and out of a building. There are four barriers (insulation, water, vapor, and air) to a heated or cooled building that make it comfortable and energy efficient. Air leakage is defined as the uncontrolled migration of conditioned air through the building envelope caused by pressure differences due to wind, stack effect, and mechanical systems. It has been shown to represent one of the single largest sources of heat loss and gain through the building enclosure of most buildings. Tests carried out by the National Research Council of Canada on high-rise commercial and residential buildings, schools, supermarkets, and houses have shown levels of 30% to 50% of heat loss could be attributed to air leakage. To determine the amount of total air leakage in a building, a blower door test must be conducted. Next, diagnostic testing is conducted to determine where penetrations are in the air barrier and where to seal these leaks. Then a final diagnostic blower door test is done to determine the amount of air infiltration reduced. This number can then be converted to determine the total energy savings per year, and can be used for state rewards and federal tax credits. 

We are certified to test air infiltration for commercial buildings often called air barrier testing.

Some of our clients include:

  • State of Wisconsin
  • City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • City of Madison, Wisconsin
  • City of Appleton, Wisconsin
  • City of Mitchell, South Dakota
  • Deparment of Administration, Division of Energy
  • Camroden and Associates
  • Indoor Environmental Solutions, Inc.
  • Purdue University
  • Tomorrow River School District
  • Hatchery Hill Condominium Association
  • MREA
  • Appleton Signs
  • Reedsburg Elementary
  • City of Columbus Library
  • Mt. Pleasant Home- Dubuque, Iowa
  • Military and Municipal buildings across the country
  • Organic Valley
  • Sustainable Engineering Group
  • Oakridge National Laboratory

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I cannot use enough positive adjectives and accolades to express how satisfied I was with your company and staff. Wallace, Julie, and Jim were professional, proficient, and polite. They treated one another with respect at all times.

Roger J., Allouez, WI