Just a quick note about the air sealing that you did in our home. It has worked as you indicated that it would. We noticed an immediate improvement in our basement. We obviously had some problems in that area that one would not normally associate with a nine year old home. The temperature in the basement is now much more comfortable and the kids seem to play down there more often.

You may recall that our insulation in the attic area above the kitchen had not been properly installed. There was enough insulation, but it was not dispersed properly. My wife has noticed that since you moved our insulation our butter (kept in a dish at room temperature, but stored near an outside wall) is now soft. It used to stay pretty hard during the winter months. The wall is warmer than it was.

We will not know exactly what effect your work will have on our utility bills for another year. I anticipate a noticeable reduction. For now, we are happy that the home is more comfortable.

Thank you Jeff.

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Chuck Rafferty
Oshkosh, WI