When Accurate-Airtight Exteriors is asked to help improve the energy efficiency of a home or commercial building, we often focus on the building’s air barrier, as air infiltration is one of the most common causes of high energy bills, poor indoor comfort, and unhealthy indoor air.

Outside view of Golfview Terrace Apartment Building

Where are the hidden drafty areas in the structure? What building flaws are there to be found concealed above drop ceilings and in attics and crawl spaces? Repairing and sealing up cracks, gaps, and holes is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase comfort and upgrade the energy performance of buildings of any type and age. The Accurate-Airtight Exteriors crew excels at air sealing and properly insulating both residential and commercial buildings—here’s how we were able to make significant improvements to an apartment building in Mayville, WI.

Assessing the Extent of Air Leaks and Poor Insulation

Poor Insulation In Attic

There were multiple air sealing issues in the 9,500 square foot attic of Golfview Terrace Apartments. The original yellow blown fiberglass attic insulation had darkened around areas with air leaks (see photo). We discovered that the double top plates running the length of the third-floor hallway were sources of significant air leaks.

Additional air leaks were found in many places where wiring, plumbing, exhaust fan ducts, and the chimney transitioned from the heated conditioned spaces below up to the attic. Additionally, the attic hatch fit poorly, with some of the trim in poor condition. The 3” to 5” of insulation that had been installed was only rated at an effective insulation value of R11, far below the recommended levels for our climate zone.

Finding the Right Accurate-Airtight Exteriors Energy Efficiency Solutions

Worker Measuring Insulation  Close-up of caulk on chimney in attic  Blown Cellulose Insulation in Attic  

After an inspection and analysis of the existing insulation and air leaks, our team set about fixing the problem. We used one part spray foam, caulk, and rigid foam board to air seal the attic. Sheet metal and fire-rated caulk were used to safely seal around the chimney. The attic hatch was re-built with rigid foam board and properly weather-stripped for a much tighter fit. Ventilation chutes were added where needed. Finally, new cellulose insulation was loose blown to an R38 insulation value (R50 loose blown cellulose is recommended).

Helping Local Commercial and Residential Buildings Save Energy and Money

Golfview Terrace Apartments has natural gas central boilers and is a “heat included” building, so the energy savings from our commercial insulation and air sealing services will help reduce monthly energy costs for the apartment owner moving forward. And, as an added bonus, this insulation project qualified for a Focus On Energy incentive of nearly $2,400, which helped the property owner lower their upfront investment.

Accurate-Airtight Exteriors specializes in building diagnostics, energy audits, air sealing, and insulation, and we’re often noted for our expertise in blower-door testing, especially testing large commercial and multi-family structures. The Golfview Terrace Apartments is just one of the many apartment and school buildings we’ve worked on—give us a call to see how our team might be able to help you.

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