October 29, 2021

Discover Wisconsin recently interviewed Torrance Kramer, Accurate-Airtight Exteriors President and Lead Energy Advisor to talk about the Wisconsin Focus on Energy Trade Ally program and what Trade Ally Contractors provide to their customers. In this interview, Kramer explains the importance of insulation and air sealing when it comes to stopping energy loss, improving home comfort, and increasing building efficiency. He also explains how blower door testing and infrared imaging are used to accurately assess a home or building’s performance. 

Focus on Energy Helps Wisconsinites Live More Comfortably 

Focus on Energy helps single-family homeowners, renters, and property owners make energy-related improvements like air sealing and insulation installation to houses and multi-family buildings. Focus on Energy’s information, resources, and financial incentives benefit Wisconsinites by implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that otherwise wouldn’t happen, and in some cases, get projects finished years ahead of schedule.

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  • Thank you very much for the excellent service when you insulated our home. We very much appreciated your prompt and thorough estimate - Much faster than your competitors!

    AJ & Nancy McCaskey, Wautoma, WI