We were thrilled to hear from Zion Lutheran Church for air barrier repair service. This process eliminates drafts caused by air leaks that force heating and cooling systems to work harder than they need to and gaps that can be easy access points for troublesome Wisconsin pests.

Curious what happens before, during, and after an air barrier repair service? Read on for the full story!

How We Approach Air Barrier Service

Accurate-Airtight Exteriors Expert Using Infrared Diagnostic Equipment To Inspect Insulation

When brought on to reconstruct a building’s air barrier, we always start with an inspection of the whole structure for drafty areas (some are well-hidden!). We especially seek out building flaws concealed by drop ceilings, in attics, and in crawlspaces. Along the way, we repair any cracks, gaps, and holes because this is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the comfort and efficiency of any building.

According to our infrared cameras, the attic, church, and interior fellowship hall were all hotspots for air leaks that needed to be filled in order to rebuild the integrity of the building envelope.

What Were the Customer’s Needs? 

The attic over the fellowship hall was in need of new insulation in both the ceiling and wall, as the existing insulation was old, had been incorrectly installed, and was generally insufficient.

Our Solution

Finished air barrier work at Zion Lutheran Church

Completed air barrier work at church

We used two-part closed cell spray foam to seal and insulate the existing fiberglass wall insulation, which made for an effective and airtight seal. We removed the incorrectly installed ceiling and fiberglass insulation and replaced both with R30 insulation to completely fill the ceiling cavity so that the fellowship hall and adjoining buildings would be comfortable and efficient year-round. 

Finally, we sealed all air leaks in the church and fellowship hall with either silicone or acrylic caulk, depending on the material of the cracked surface.

What Did the Client Think of the Result? 

Church Treasurer Janice Thompson was very pleased with the results. “I can see the crew takes pride in their work. They were neat, courteous, and on time. You cleaned up!” 

We are proud to have delivered cost-effective energy improvements for Zion Lutheran Church and would love to help you with your project too.

Accurate-Airtight Exteriors specializes in building diagnostics, energy audits, air sealing, and insulation. We are experts in blower-door testing, especially for large commercial or multi-family structures. Our company has traveled all over the U.S. doing building envelope testing, and we can do the same to help you enjoy your property at its most efficient. 

Is your Wisconsin home or commercial property in need of air barrier service? Call Accurate-Airtight Exteriors at 866.582.4320 or contact us online!

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