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Reedsburg, WI Westside Elementary School Overhang Project, Summer 2015

Before any building performance work was started, Accurate-Airtight Exteriors used commercial building blower door testing to identify and quantify air leaks in the many overhangs of the building. After the project was completed, blower door testing was done again to verify improvements were made.

A-AE has the expertise to test large buildings via pressure diagnostics, and our Building Envelope Commissioning Professionals are able to interpret and communicate energy audit findings to identify the sources of energy loss, even in large buildings. Often we will use infrared cameras in conjunction with blower door testing to produce precise and actionable building science data.

  Roof To Wall Juncture After Air Sealing

Air Sealing Solutions for Overhangs, Roof to Wall Junctures, Height Transitions, and More

After we found the underlying issues with the elementary school, the Accurate-Airtight Exteriors crew used multiple sealants to seal concealed air leaks above dropped ceilings. The hidden air leaks were a direct connection to the exterior, resulting in significant energy waste. These air barrier repair services resulted in a significant improvement in building comfort as well as measurable energy savings for the school. Air sealing can also help improve indoor air quality in municipal and commercial buildings by controlling outdoor air infiltration levels.

Roof to wall juncture air sealing at school

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Accurate-Airtight Exteriors specializes in building diagnostics, energy audits, air sealing, and insulation. We’re well-known for our expertise in blower-door testing, especially testing large commercial, municipal, and multi-family structures, and even military buildings. Our company has traveled all over the U.S. doing building envelope testing.

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