October 14, 2022

Using a blower door--a device that sucks the air out of your house to simulate an especially windy day--is the best way to identify where your house leaks. For many of us, a thousand little pin pricks may add up to a hole in your house the size of a window left open 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. 

By using a blower door in coordination with air sealing, we can identify the biggest leaks and get them sealed. 

Check out the fun videos about Blower Doors below and be sure to get in touch with the experts at Accurate-Airtight Exteriors if you want to learn more. 

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  • Accurate-Airtight Exteriors more than exceeded our expectations with the air sealing and insulation project they completed for us.

    Mount Pleasant Home, Dubuque, IA